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The Earth Rebirth Community Center operated for three years (2015-2018) in downtown Norman. The ER Center was focused on educating people from all over Oklahoma by providing one-of-a-kind experiences that demonstrated social progress can be made with collective individual actions focused on the resources we all need most. Millions of people around Oklahoma care about bettering their lives in ways that provide both economic and environmental sustainability. The Earth Rebirth Center helped educate thousands of Norman and Oklahoma residents and individuals from around the country on solutions to food, energy, water resources while encouraging social collaboration.

During the three years over 500 events brought people in from all walks of life to educate each other and themselves around sustainable living. In addition, unique cause-oriented events like fundraisers, collaborative meetings, and call-to-action events demonstrated tremendous support during divisive times. Notable events like our "Call for Peace" events involving Norman police officers one night and the Norman Police Chief another brought dozens of people together to discuss racism, islamophobia, police brutality and many of the social issues that can only be solved around a dialogue based on how we are all the same. 

The Earth Rebirth Center proved to mean much more to people than just a community center focused on food, energy, and water. Resting in the heart of the vibrant and creative downtown Norman, the Earth Rebirth Center became a place for people to find a home, a safe place, a creative work space, a needed escape, a collaborative headquarters and many things in between that help individuals, families and communities find themselves, and perhaps most importantly, dream big and act bigger. 

The decision to focus on reaching more people was a tough one. But the question became simple, "should we wait for those who need help to come to us or seek them out and go to them?"

And before we knew it, the next chapter seemed clear. 

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