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When was Earth Rebirth founded?
Earth Rebirth is a new and quickly growing organization, founded by two University of Oklahoma alumni: Andrew Sartain and Dylan Joiner. Earth Rebirth was incorporated on March 1, 2011. We were approved as a 501c3 nonprofit organization in January 2012.

What is Earth Rebirth?
Earth Rebirth is a nonprofit organization educating and empowering people to take food, energy, and water into their own hands.  

Key Values: Education, Economic Sustainability, Community Support
Earth Rebirth’s primary value is Education. We cannot solve anything until we understand the scope of our own world and our impact. Earth Rebirth wants to help you understand the solutions available to you. Our second value is Economic Sustainability. We believe our future relies on our ability to optimize how we provide food, energy, and water to billions of people across the planet. Nature provides everything we need to survive, preserving its value while creating economic opportunity for society is imperative for humanity to grow beyond our current limits.  The third value is Community Support, 21st century global solutions will come from local solutions.

Where did the name “Earth Rebirth” come from?
The name Earth Rebirth came from pure and simple brainstorming. It took a few weeks. But three points stuck out in our brainstorm. We wanted it roll of the tongue, to be easy to remember. We wanted the name to encompass the wide variety of solutions and ideas planned. And we wanted to be positive about what we are capable of as a society.

What social issue is Earth Rebirth solving?
The majority of people understand the environmental problems being faced after three generations of activism. Major groups like the Sierra Club, WWF, and many others were founded during a period of time that awareness was most needed. The key question nowadays is, “what can I do in my daily life?” Earth Rebirth is helping connect people to solutions that apply to their lives. To your life, your family, and as a result – your community. Every environmental problem must be seen as an economic opportunity to create new solutions towards a more sustainable world.

What does Earth Rebirth define as "sustainability"?
Sustainability is the maintenance of the quality, access, and value of a resource over time. The growth of a system, an idea, or resource in a way that does not deplete the supply, value, or quality of that system, idea, or resource to such an extent that over time the access or existence of such is put at risk.


How do class credit internships differ from volunteering?
College students can often receive class credit to intern for Earth Rebirth for an entire semester. Internships are currently offered at the University of Oklahoma. However, internships can often be approved by an academic advisor with little issue. The key differences between an intern and volunteer are – paid for through the college like a class, grade accountability, and a 10-page semester paper reflecting on your experiences. Most roles and responsibilities are available to be filled by any committed intern or volunteer.

When are Earth Rebirth volunteer meetings? What are they like?
Earth Rebirth volunteer meetings are held every Sunday at 6pm at the Earth Rebirth Center (325 E Comanche Street). Meetings begin with weekly updates and upcoming events and activities. Depending on the number in attendance, meetings typically last 60-90 minutes.

How many employees does Earth Rebirth have? How many volunteers?
Currently, Earth Rebirth has no full-time paid staff.  The Garden Your Own Growth program employees 4 garden consultants on a commission-basis. The number of volunteers of any nonprofit varies on a regular basis. Earth Rebirth has a mailing list consisting of 400+ volunteers. On average, Earth Rebirth has anywhere between 10 – 30 volunteers helping regularly per semester. 3-5 interns average class credit per semester.

What groups typically make up Earth Rebirth’s volunteer base?
College students and young adults make up the majority of our volunteer base due to internship opportunities. However, Earth Rebirth has a wide range of volunteers including parents, grandparents, retirees, city employees, school staff, business owners and more.

What are Earth Rebirth’s most volunteered positions?
The top volunteer position in Earth Rebirth is a ‘school garden checker’.  Garden checkers stop by weekly at a school garden to make sure it is well-watered, ready for school lessons, pick invasive weeds, take pictures/video, etc. The second top volunteered position is ‘event volunteer’. The Earth Rebirth Center hosts a wide variety of events ranging from the monthly Norman Art Walk, Norman Music Festival, community workshops and more. Event volunteers often help collect door donations, pass out flyers, work concession, and encourage membership sign ups.

What are Earth Rebirth’s most needed positions?
Earth Rebirth’s most needed positions are administrative roles. The top three positions desired include an accountant, grant writer, and Garden Your Own Growth Program Director. Along with the always needed positions of school garden checkers, event volunteers, and workshop teachers. 


What is the Earth Rebirth Center?
The Earth Rebirth Center is focused on educating people from all over Oklahoma by providing one-of-a-kind experiences that demonstrate social progress can be made with collective individual actions focused on the resources we all need most. In the last two years, over 400 events have brought people in from all walks of life to educate each other and themselves around sustainable living. In addition, unique cause-oriented events like fundraisers, collaborative meetings, and call-to-action events have demonstrated tremendous support as the Norman community craves a place to connect with others in a time filled with divisive rhetoric. Notable events like our "Call for Peace" events involving Norman police officers one night and the Norman Police Chief another have brought dozens of people together to discuss racism, islamophobia, police brutality and many of the social issues that can only be solved around a dialogue based on how we are all the same.

Where is the Earth Rebirth Center located?
The Earth Rebirth Center is located at 325 E Comanche in downtown Norman. Near the corner of Porter and Comanche, across from the Chase bank ATM location.

When did the Earth Rebirth Center open?
The Earth Rebirth Center grand opening was held in August 2015.

How do community events like the Art Walk and music events further ER’s mission?
The world today is full of turmoil, fear, and blame. In order to solve the problems facing all of us, we must improve communication. Each of us have strengths, skills, and experiences that others can learn from. Many people may not go to a community center focused on sustainability just to go look around every day. But if you can make sustainability exciting, fun, and interactive – the possibilities become limitless. Music and art bring people together from all walks of life and this can be an immeasurable tool for social change.


What general challenges does Earth Rebirth face as an organization?
The key challenges faced as an organization include funding for projects across Oklahoma and at the Earth Rebirth Center, volunteer retention, securing full-time employees, and meeting demand to expand to new areas of Oklahoma.

Where does Earth Rebirth get most of its funding?
Earth Rebirth is primarily funded by individual donors, small business sponsors, home and business garden set ups, and event fundraising. Earth Rebirth does not receive any funding from the state or federal government.

Why did Earth Rebirth choose to become a nonprofit organization?
Earth Rebirth is a community initiative. Everything Earth Rebirth does is focused on empowering people to help themselves and others. Earth Rebirth wants to get the right people involved for the right reasons.

For additional questions, email info@earthrebirthnow.com. 



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