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The Homemade Sustainability (HS) program is focused on educating families and communities on the best methods to minimize material waste and optimize energy use and production.

The Homemade Sustainability program hosts a wide variety of events to educate and excite people about the innovative opportunities available in both energy use and waste reduction. Workshops ranging from renewable energy, recycling the right way, material waste streams, energy conservation, city utilities, and much more have helped empower people in Norman to consider alternatives, focus on use reduction and work as a community to create new opportunities in resource management. We work closely with the City of Norman, the Chamber Greenovation Committee, and the Env. Control Advisory Board to decide the most important problems to address in our community.

The HS Education services focus on community education, school education, and activist education. Many people are frustrated with energy systems and limited choice, specifically in Oklahoma, but it is important these solutions are addressed in the correct way. The HS program works to help activists and students understand the energy markets, effective advocacy with large energy companies, and what solutions can be implemented  most effectively. Hundreds of young people have been inspired and educated on the potential of energy in the 21st century and what their role can be in that future.

HS COACHING (Coming Soon)
The Homemade Sustainability consulting service is designed to help families and businesses move towards specific efficiency goals in waste and energy use. Free evaluations, similar to OG&E energy audits, kick off the process of consulting. Then the HS program works with customers to consider investments and the best options to reduce energy use or material waste. The HS program works with a client until they have reached their goals and have the confidence to continue themselves in the right direction.

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