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6 Steps to Making Your Garden more Eco-Friendly

9 Nov 2018 1:28 PM | Andrew Sartain (Administrator)

How Green Is Your Garden?

When looking at six different environmental issues to see which is greenest, Oklahoma ranks 38th out of 50 states, meaning there’s serious room for improvement. The eco-friendly movement is growing as more people become aware of how their choices impact the planet and what they can do to make greener choices. A lot of these choices revolve around lifestyle and the home, but one of the biggest ways you can become greener is to turn to your garden. Growing your own food, native plants and purchasing patio furniture made from reclaimed wood are all simple ways to help the planet.

Grow Your Own Food

According to the United States Department of Agriculture more than half of America’s fruit and more than a third of their vegetables are now imported from other countries. On average, food travels 1,500 miles before consumption, meaning it’s not sustainable. America’s backyards make up approximately 40 million acres of lawn that have the potential for home gardeners to drastically increase local food production and help combat the problem. You will be saving resources, money on your groceries and growing your own food is also very satisfying.

Have A Sustainably Stylish Garden 

Eco-friendly and sustainable don’t have to mean going without or having the bare basics. There are many ways to have a stylish and luxurious garden in a way that doesn’t cost the planet. A lot of garden furniture can be made from repurposed wood, which offers a good quality and aesthetically pleasing piece. Swimming pools really shout luxury, but they may seem like they’re off the table due to their water and energy consumption. There are ways to enjoy a swim that’s green if you already have a pool or want one. You can reduce the impact they have by using less chemicals in the water, covering it to minimize evaporation and using solar power to heat it.

Grow Local 

As well as growing your own food, growing plants is also a great way to improve your garden’s eco-friendliness. Growing plants native to your local area is the best option as they are adapted to local environmental conditions, so they require less water, time and money, as well as offering vital habitats for birds and other wildlife. America currently has around 215,000 backyards certified as ‘wildlife habitats’ for both homeowners and renters, partly based on the local plants that are present. Oklahoma’s native plants includes many that will make a beautiful garden, such as the fringed Bluestar, eastern red columbine, blue wild indigo, American bellflower and the silver and sugar maple trees, just to name a few.

A greener garden and lifestyle revolves around reducing your consumption of materials, resources and products, followed by reusing and repurposing them to extend their life, and finally, recycling as a last resort. Gardens play a prominent role for those trying to be more eco-friendly as they offer many ways to help the environment.

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Written by: Jennifer Dawson

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